On-Demand Content and Additional Viewing

On-Demand EAC Content:

New Targeted Grazing Certification Process, 2020, from Claudia Ingham

Can Your County Count on You?

OSU Extension Undocu-Ally Training

Elevate Extension Keynote Talks, 2019

Elevate Extension Keynote Talks, 2018

Additional Viewing Resources Related to EAC Sessions:

Laura Pulido: The Poisoning of Flint Michigan and Racial Capitalism

Professor Robert Chang: Ethnic Studies on Trial 

Oregon’s History:

Program Planning Process Designed to Increase Access and Grow Programs

Making Change from the Inside Out

A Proactive Approach to Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Extension Evaluation

Building Stronger Collaborative (long distance) Teams

Leadership in Dealing with Difficult Multicultural Discussions

Organizational Values: Creating healthy organizational climates through inclusive approaches

Supporting Age-Friendly Efforts at the State and Regional Level

Intersectionality Podcast Series

Language Access Resources

OID’s Diversity Education page 

Diversity and Cultural Engagement’s website

The new Critical Orientations online course from Outdoor School 

Examining White Identity

 OSU Queer Archives (OSQA)

Oregon Multicultural Archives

OSU Cultural Resource Centers

Multiracial Identity Resources