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Spanish for Heritage Language Learners Program

Tuesday, December 8th

8:30-9:30 Join one of available sessions:

From How to Wow: Audience Engagement in a Virtual World

Alice Phillips, Siew Sun Wong, Jennifer Oppenlander, Alan Dennis, Stephen Ward, Victor Villegas

Conflict Management, Facilitated by Ohio State University’s Jeff King

Jeff King

Civil Rights Best Practices for Extension

Ana Lu Fonseca, Elsa Curtis

9:30-9:45 – Screen Break

9:45-10:45 Join one of available sessions:

Ag Extension Program Updates

Sam Angima

FCH: Health Equity Programming for the 21st Century

Roberta Riportella

OOC Program Meeting

Jeff Sherman

4-H Program Meeting

Marilyn Lesmeister

10:45-1:00pm Screen Break or Optional Time for Side Workshopping

1:00-1:30 Join one of available sessions:

Centering Equity and Inclusion: Reflections as a program shifts

LeeAnn Mikkelson, Yasmeen Hossain

Pivot or Pissed: Planning and Replanning the Fair Under Baseline Restrictions

Anna Browne, Sara Hinkle

Creating Experiential Farm to School Activities Using Distance Education Tools

Patty Case, Cheryl Kirk, Sara Runkel

Rural Data Science for the Public Good: Connecting Rural Stakeholders to Data Science through Extension

Brett Tyler, Lindsey Shirley

1:30-1:45 Screen Break

1:45-3:15 Join one of the available sessions

Remote Cooking & Nutrition Programs: Methods, Successes & Challenges

Julie Jacobs, Beatriz Botello-Salgado, Diana Camacho-Figueroa, Tina Dodge, Jenny Jackson, Lily Joslin, Stephanie Russell

Culturally-Responsive Evaluation Practices

Spirit Brooks, Steven Braun

Basic Rights Oregon: Transgender Inclusion 101

Ana Lu Fonseca, Elsa Curtis

3:15-4:00pm Screen Break

4:00-5:00pm Join the virtual happy hour including the silent and live auction:

Virtual Happy Hour and Auction, Featuring Extension Relief Efforts and OSUEA Member Recognition

Lindsey Shirley, Elissa Wells, José Garcia, Katie Ahern

End of Day 2